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テーマ : 試乗
ジャンル : 車・バイク

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テーマ : ドライブ
ジャンル : 車・バイク



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テーマ : 【動画】自動車動画
ジャンル : 車・バイク

additional note.

car is the car which I promote it by the power of the motor, and can change a course without getting together to a rail (the transportation machine which I contact it with a wheel, and move the land). I can control a course and speed based on the intention of the vehicle driver freely (there are performance and the operative limit by walking, the law).

In the Japanese law, not only the three-wheeled above-mentioned common car but also displacement volume is included in the motorcycle more than 50cc in a word called the car. It is used to carry a person and a load, but driving in itself is enjoyed as entertainment and sports widely mainly.

I say automobile or motor car in the English. Originally, as for automobile, the pronunciation comes from the French reading in French, too. auto- "is automatic", and + -mobile is "a moving thing" and means "a car" definitely. It points at a case such as merely car, the thing whole having the wheel in English (I include a railroad carriage and a jinrikisha and a cart of the non-fuel power, a carriage, the bicycle-drawn cart). Control by the human being is necessary for the promotion of the car as a general rule, but the automatic driving technology is studied and becomes means of transportation to "move automatically" literally if in use.

auction are to let the purchase condition that each buyer can show compete to sell an article taken out in a sale purpose in some kind of places to a buyer (a bid applicant) who showed the best purchase condition.

It is performed in form to compete for value paid to an article between purchase applicants, but when various conditions are shown as well as it by the seller side, there is it, and buying and selling is generally formed by satisfying a condition shown with the form called the condition auction. While the buyer side to bid it for catches a price when I compete for value, it is a sale method sold by the buyer who finally showed the highest price (a successful bid). In this case if a buyer does even satisfaction, the article price shows the unreasonable buying price substantially from the breath that is blue heavens (there is not the upper limit) or a beginning and can make a bid for it.
Because this is the transaction method that there is extremely for a long time (a buyer decides the value in the thing which a sale price is not decided on definitely), a price is wide as a changing thing and a sale form of a valuable article and spreads for the circumstances of the marketman, and the history of again each connection industry is particularly old.

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